Commercial and Residential Storage and RV Storage Rental Ideas

For those who own a RV, they have already invested a great deal of money into their vehicle to leave it exposed to the weather elements and chance vandalism. Many RV owners turn to storage facilities to provide them with a safe place to store their vehicle, help keep the vehicle from harsh weather and others are forced to store their RV because of neighborhood rules or lack of space in their home. Regardless the reason, an owner will want to make sure they chose the best storage facility in their area. Make sure to give the following items a thought when finding a place near your for RV storage:

  1. Indoor vs Outdoor storage. The first major difference between storage facilities is the option of indoor and outdoor storage for large vehicles like campers and RVs. Most storage units offer some type of indoor storage for vehicles but not many have large enough units or overhead car port for large vehicles such as an RV.You need to ask yourself is indoor storage in necessary or not for you. If you live in a mild climate, chances are it is not necessary. If you live in an area that has harsh winters you may want something that will protect your rig a bit more.

2. 24 Hour Access. Another important factor that may help you decide where to store your large vehicles is what hours you have access to the facility. Some storage units only allow you to access your property during set hours while others allow you 24 hour access. This is important if you need to start your trip early in the morning or you return from your trip late at night. If you cannot park your rig when needed you may be left in a jam.

3. Video Surveillance.Believe it or not, some storage rental facilities do not offer video surveillance on all areas of the facility for 24 hours. Some offer surveillance just at night or only on the lockers themselves and not the lots where the vehicles are parked. Other storage facilities also only video tape the entrances and that’s it. So if your RV was to get damaged or broken into, you couldn’t prove that it was someone just because they entered the facility that day. I would strongly recommend finding a storage facility that offers video surveillance on the parking lot where your vehicle will be parked.

4. Storage Specials. Although most storage facilities are very comparable in their monthly price, they differ greatly in the specials they offer. Some offer deals on the amount of months you sign up, some offer referral specials, some offer first months rent free or even cash discounts. Make sure to compare the storage specials as well!

5. Storage Perks. This last one is minor but could make choosing a self storage unit a bit easier. When it comes to RV storage, many storage facilities offer perks such as a complete wash before and after each pickup, a battery and tire pressure check when necessary some even offer dumping of the sewage tank for you if requested. These small things may make your storage experience more enjoyable.

The amount of money invested on a large vehicle like a RV is very great. Make sure to protect your investment by choosing the right storage facility. Besides your checkbook, keep in mind the above storage perks.

Here are just a few things that a self storage rental can also be used for besides storing your stuff:

  • Band Rehearsal: Many people who are in a ‘garage band’ find that it means having to worry about annoying their neighbors and also clogging up their garage with band equipment. By using a storage unit that has electricity supplied to it you can kill two birds with one stone. You can practice at the storage unit itself and when practice is over you already have your band equipment ready to be safely stowed away.
  • Inventory Storage: If you have a home based business in which you sell multiple items on a daily basis then you certainly need a solution to your inventory needs other than leaving your items all around your home. By using a self storage rental unit you can effectively keep all of your items out of your home and even set up a packing and shipping station inside. This helps keep your business organized and running smoothly while keeping your home clutter free from your inventory.
  • Office Space: Thanks to wireless internet cards it is now possible to set up an office space inside a self storage rental and get to business immediately. All you need is a desk, a chair, a file cabinet or two, and a lap top with a wireless internet card and before you know it your own little office can be set up.
  • Business Supply Storage: Some businesses such as landscaping require you to haul around mowers and other lawn equipment that can clog up your home garage at the end of the day. Using a self storage rental to store all of these types of items is a relatively inexpensive way to safely store your expensive lawn equipment items and to keep your garage un-cramped.
  • Document Storage: If you work for a big business or a big law firm then many times you will be required to keep document files that date back many years. If this is the case then you may eventually run out of space. By using a self storage rental you can quickly free up space and so long as you stay organized have an easy way to access any files that you may need as the years roll on.

Again, as great as all of these ideas are, they mean nothing if your self-storage rental facility will not allow you to use your self storage rental space as such. Before you implement any of these ideas be sure to check with the facility’s management and let them know what it is you are planning on doing. This way, if you get the green light then you know you will be good to go and ready to use your self storage rental to help better your situation.

Commercial and Residential Storage

There are now over 50,000 storage facilities in the US that provides storage facilities for personal and commercial purposes. Public self-storage areas have also started increasing in number in urban and residential areas because of the greater demand on secure storage. Since apartments and small houses have limited space for people’s things and so, over the years, a good portion of residential areas have been converted into self-storage facilities.

Self-storage businesses offer a variety of storage unit sizes to residential and commercial tenants. They also give you the option of choosing the environment for your goods. There are units measuring 10 feet wide by 5 feet deep-almost like a large closet. There are also units as large as the back of a big truck. Storage rental is often dependent on the size of the unit and the period you will be leasing the space.

Climate-controlled units are now part of the standard feature of storage areas. A climate-controlled storage unit prevents mold and mildew problems. This is very ideal for storing fragile or important materials like paintings, old documents, and even wine It’s not the same as cold storage. Cold storage is literally storing goods in low temperatures. Restaurant owners and meat shops store their goods in facilities like this one. Old warehouses and large grocery stores are usually converted to climate controlled rooms since they have interior units.

There are also facilities that provide motorcycle storage. It’s like a garage away from home. Motorcycle owners and retailers can use storage facilities to secure bikes and parts instead of just letting the mess lie around in the garage.




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