Indoor and Outdoor Boat Storage

Owning a boat can be a fun experience for families and anyone that enjoys engaging in water related sports. Anyone who lives near a lake or beach knows that owning a boat can make it possible for all those that want to engage in water sports to indulge themselves without having to pay boat rental fees or wait to be taken out on boats with dozens of strangers. Before taking the time to purchase a boat it is important to take storage into consideration. Many first time boat owners do not think of anything beyond getting their boat into the water making the problem of boat storage acute when the time comes to consider it. Taking the time to consider all available options will help avoid a stressful situation in the future.

Boat owners have the option of purchasing or renting storage for their boats. There are many different boat storage options available making the decision process little more than narrowing down the choices before deciding on the best method. Once a storage method has been chosen then a person should consider whether or not they want to pay a monthly fee for storage or simply buy their own storage area for their exclusive, year round, use.

The first, and usually more affordable storage option is outdoor storage. There are many facilities that rent dock space so that boat owners can tie their boats to an area in the dock when they are finished with them. This type of storage sometimes includes nothing more than the guarantee of storage space. In other situations outdoor storage facilities include maintenance services to all renters.

These marinas will monitor boats during rain and bad weather notifying boat owners if a bad storm is coming and sometimes giving them the option to take advantage of indoor storage. Others will keep the exterior of boats as clean as possible and sometimes perform additional maintenance for an additional price. In some situations this maintenance includes getting the boat ready for winter and keeping the boat free of ice throughout the winter season.

Indoor storage is another option that is usually more expensive but often preferable to outdoor storage. Indoor storage facilities let boat owners keep their boats in spacious quarters and often include transportation to and from the water. There are many benefits to indoor storage including the chance to complete more extensive maintenance on boats. In addition to maintenance indoor boat storage will help slow natural deterioration that occurs from excessive exposure to the elements.

Both of these options come with the choice to buy or rent storage. In most cases individuals choose to sell rental space on a monthly basis in the form of outdoor storage docking space or indoor storage facilities. Monthly rental is often more affordable especially to those who are on a tight budget or who only use their boat during certain seasons. The problem with monthly rental for boat owners that need their boat most of the year or who need to store their boat for several years is the monthly fees start to add up. When a person takes monthly rental fees, gasoline charges, maintenance, and other fees that are part of boat ownership into account the price is astronomical.

Purchasing boat storage is often more affordable in the long term for boat owners and buying boat storage has become much easier over the years. Outdoor boat storage is often sold from boat owner to boat owner. There are many brokers online and offline that sell docking space for reasonable prices. This option is perfect for boat owners who do not want to be hassled with monthly boat fees and owning boat storage will give you the option of renting storage to seasonal boat users when you are not using your outdoor storage for various reasons.

Indoor storage can also be purchased on yearly or even a permanent basis. In many areas that are extremely popular with boaters there are boat clubs that offer exclusive benefits to memberships with yearly fees being charged. Others purchase buildings near waterfronts for their exclusive use. This option is best for those that have a way to get their boat from storage to the waterfront easily and who have large boats that might require large storage fees.

Both purchasing and renting boat storage facilities have their benefits and downsides. The ultimate choice should be made based on your own personal needs and what is financial best for you. Also keep convenience in mind when making your final decision. While there might be situations where you might need to be a bit inconvenienced to save money if the inconvenience will not cost you any additional fees then be content with what is available.

Indoor and Outdoor Boat Storage

Boat storage is something that all boat owners have to worry about sooner rather than later. Most new boat owners experience a few moments of confusion as soon as they realize they need a good place to keep their boats. It can be hard to decide whether or not to store a boat indoors or outdoors. Both storage options offer benefits and negatives. In many situations the final decision is based upon what is easiest and most convenient for the boat owner.

Outdoor boat storage is often the most common and well known and popular type of boat storage. If you are a boat owner that lives near a marina or has easy lake front access then outdoor storage might be the best option. It allows you to easily access the water from your boat whenever you feel like it without having to go through the trouble of transporting your boat. Those who enjoy water sports and outdoors sports will find this arrangement more convenient than other options.

Some boat owners even store their boats outdoors on their own property. Depending on the area it is not uncommon to see boats sitting in backyards or front yards waiting for the families next trip to the local lake. Before storing your boat outdoors, take a moment to contact your boat manufacture to make sure the boat you have purchased will be safe outside for long periods of time. This storage option is free and convenient for anyone who owns their own boat but cannot afford indoor storage.

The downside of storing a boat outdoors is the danger of the elements. Rain, wind, and the constant water will lead to damage that can be expensive to repair. In some cases such as bad storms and harsh weather boats stored outdoors can be completely destroyed. There is nothing worse for a boat owner than hearing the news that their boat has been damaged past all hopes of repair.

Another downside of storing a boat outdoors on private property is that not all boats can be easily transported even if you live near the marina. In some situations you will have to pay yearly (usually in the winter) to have the boat moved to your home for storage. This can be an extremely expensive process since outside help will have to be hired to help with the transportation of the boat.

Indoor boat storage has recently seen a rise in popularity. Many boat owners who are tired of dealing with transportation issues have started taking advantage of indoor boat storage. In these situations many boats are kept in one storage facility that is usually quite close to, or part of, the local marina. These facilities make it easy for boat owners to get their boats in and out of the water.

Along with the convenience of being close to the marina indoor boat storage also gives boat owners a chance to take care of boat maintenance. Most indoor boat storage facilities offer large spaces for each boat stored on their property. The large amount of space offered by storage facilities gives boat owners the chance to have routine maintenance and repairs done quickly and easily.

The greatest downside of indoor boat storage is the price. Indoor boat storage is often extremely expensive since a large area is needed to store each individual boat. The storage rates often rise with the size of the boat. There are also additional fees for storing a boat in a heated indoor storage facility. The prices most indoor storage facilities charge can be more than some boat owners can reasonably afford.

The benefits and downsides of indoor and outdoor storage should be considered before making a final choice. It is important that all boat owners make the choice that is best for them and their family. Do not be influenced by too many outside influences, use your own situation and knowledge to help you make your final decision. Once you have gone over the options and made your choice between indoor and outdoor storage never be afraid to change your mind. If you have decided to take advantage of outdoor storage to save money but feel that your boat is being damaged by exposure do not hesitate to look into indoor storage facilities.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor boat storage can be time consuming. Checking into indoor storage options and finding outdoor storage facilities can take time. When you have made your final decision you and your family will be able to enjoy your boat for years to come.

Boat Storage Tacoma

With a wide range of storage facilities accessible today and with each one of them offering a variety of services it should not be too difficult to find something that is within ones budget. So to locate the best bargain and the most suitable one should not be a big problem at all.

With the variety of options you can meet any kind of demand and get the perfectly suitable one for you. However, as the storage in Florida is on the costlier side, you might have to pay an extra amount sometimes. If you scout around you will be able to unearth something at a more suitable price that provides as much facilities as the more expensive ones. All you have to do is to give yourself some time and to make a wise choice, instead of jumping at one in haste.

How to find boat storage at a bargain

There are many sources to locate the best, and most reasonable boat storage that you can find in Florida. Your initial consideration would be to see what exactly you have in mind and with the various types of facilities that are available and what would be best suited for your boat.

If you want to store your boat indoors this would cost you much more a boat that could do with outside storage. The temperatures in Florida are quite conducive to allowing the boat to be stored outdoors; the boat will have a better endurance if it is stored indoors. There are many other choices like containers that they can be stored in, or those that are enclosed but with minimal coverage options. Choose the one that is suitable for your needs with the knowledge that the more coverage the boat has, the more will the cost be.

For reasonable storage rates move away from key areas:

Another factor that would be helpful in finding a more affordable boat storage Florida, would be to choose one and move away from key areas in Florida. For instance, the ocean has several different marinas and storage areas along its coast, but, if you move a few miles inwards, you would be able to get something at a much lesser cost for storing your boat. It would be easier and an added benefit for you to visit your boat during off season if you moved it further inland. The further away you move from certain areas the cheaper will it be for you.

No doubt the storage facility is an important aspect for your boat, but the cost that is related to it is also important. Boat storage Tacoma offers give you many choices however. Your main objective would be to decide on the most suitable kind of coverage and the proper location to get the by and large most suitable price for the boat storage you require. Boat storage Tacoma would be a fantastic option for you if you find these features on hand for you.


Commercial and Residential Storage and RV Storage Rental Ideas

For those who own a RV, they have already invested a great deal of money into their vehicle to leave it exposed to the weather elements and chance vandalism. Many RV owners turn to storage facilities to provide them with a safe place to store their vehicle, help keep the vehicle from harsh weather and others are forced to store their RV because of neighborhood rules or lack of space in their home. Regardless the reason, an owner will want to make sure they chose the best storage facility in their area. Make sure to give the following items a thought when finding a place near your for RV storage:

  1. Indoor vs Outdoor storage. The first major difference between storage facilities is the option of indoor and outdoor storage for large vehicles like campers and RVs. Most storage units offer some type of indoor storage for vehicles but not many have large enough units or overhead car port for large vehicles such as an RV.You need to ask yourself is indoor storage in necessary or not for you. If you live in a mild climate, chances are it is not necessary. If you live in an area that has harsh winters you may want something that will protect your rig a bit more.

2. 24 Hour Access. Another important factor that may help you decide where to store your large vehicles is what hours you have access to the facility. Some storage units only allow you to access your property during set hours while others allow you 24 hour access. This is important if you need to start your trip early in the morning or you return from your trip late at night. If you cannot park your rig when needed you may be left in a jam.

3. Video Surveillance.Believe it or not, some storage rental facilities do not offer video surveillance on all areas of the facility for 24 hours. Some offer surveillance just at night or only on the lockers themselves and not the lots where the vehicles are parked. Other storage facilities also only video tape the entrances and that’s it. So if your RV was to get damaged or broken into, you couldn’t prove that it was someone just because they entered the facility that day. I would strongly recommend finding a storage facility that offers video surveillance on the parking lot where your vehicle will be parked.

4. Storage Specials. Although most storage facilities are very comparable in their monthly price, they differ greatly in the specials they offer. Some offer deals on the amount of months you sign up, some offer referral specials, some offer first months rent free or even cash discounts. Make sure to compare the storage specials as well!

5. Storage Perks. This last one is minor but could make choosing a self storage unit a bit easier. When it comes to RV storage, many storage facilities offer perks such as a complete wash before and after each pickup, a battery and tire pressure check when necessary some even offer dumping of the sewage tank for you if requested. These small things may make your storage experience more enjoyable.

The amount of money invested on a large vehicle like a RV is very great. Make sure to protect your investment by choosing the right storage facility. Besides your checkbook, keep in mind the above storage perks.

Here are just a few things that a self storage rental can also be used for besides storing your stuff:

  • Band Rehearsal: Many people who are in a ‘garage band’ find that it means having to worry about annoying their neighbors and also clogging up their garage with band equipment. By using a storage unit that has electricity supplied to it you can kill two birds with one stone. You can practice at the storage unit itself and when practice is over you already have your band equipment ready to be safely stowed away.
  • Inventory Storage: If you have a home based business in which you sell multiple items on a daily basis then you certainly need a solution to your inventory needs other than leaving your items all around your home. By using a self storage rental unit you can effectively keep all of your items out of your home and even set up a packing and shipping station inside. This helps keep your business organized and running smoothly while keeping your home clutter free from your inventory.
  • Office Space: Thanks to wireless internet cards it is now possible to set up an office space inside a self storage rental and get to business immediately. All you need is a desk, a chair, a file cabinet or two, and a lap top with a wireless internet card and before you know it your own little office can be set up.
  • Business Supply Storage: Some businesses such as landscaping require you to haul around mowers and other lawn equipment that can clog up your home garage at the end of the day. Using a self storage rental to store all of these types of items is a relatively inexpensive way to safely store your expensive lawn equipment items and to keep your garage un-cramped.
  • Document Storage: If you work for a big business or a big law firm then many times you will be required to keep document files that date back many years. If this is the case then you may eventually run out of space. By using a self storage rental you can quickly free up space and so long as you stay organized have an easy way to access any files that you may need as the years roll on.

Again, as great as all of these ideas are, they mean nothing if your self-storage rental facility will not allow you to use your self storage rental space as such. Before you implement any of these ideas be sure to check with the facility’s management and let them know what it is you are planning on doing. This way, if you get the green light then you know you will be good to go and ready to use your self storage rental to help better your situation.

Commercial and Residential Storage

There are now over 50,000 storage facilities in the US that provides storage facilities for personal and commercial purposes. Public self-storage areas have also started increasing in number in urban and residential areas because of the greater demand on secure storage. Since apartments and small houses have limited space for people’s things and so, over the years, a good portion of residential areas have been converted into self-storage facilities.

Self-storage businesses offer a variety of storage unit sizes to residential and commercial tenants. They also give you the option of choosing the environment for your goods. There are units measuring 10 feet wide by 5 feet deep-almost like a large closet. There are also units as large as the back of a big truck. Storage rental is often dependent on the size of the unit and the period you will be leasing the space.

Climate-controlled units are now part of the standard feature of storage areas. A climate-controlled storage unit prevents mold and mildew problems. This is very ideal for storing fragile or important materials like paintings, old documents, and even wine It’s not the same as cold storage. Cold storage is literally storing goods in low temperatures. Restaurant owners and meat shops store their goods in facilities like this one. Old warehouses and large grocery stores are usually converted to climate controlled rooms since they have interior units.

There are also facilities that provide motorcycle storage. It’s like a garage away from home. Motorcycle owners and retailers can use storage facilities to secure bikes and parts instead of just letting the mess lie around in the garage.



Mini Storage | Storage Unit | RV Storage Rental | Vehicle Storage Frequently Ask Questions

Climate Controlled Frequently Ask Questions

Why would anyone need climate control?

Summer in a cramped little metal shed could reach 120 degrees. All your candles, VHS tapes, and other things could melt. So I recommend an indoor storage place. Climate Control is for you, if you are planning on storing film or other heat sensitive material.

Should I store a microfiber (similar to suede material) couch in climate control or would it be okay to store it in normal storage?

It is best to store it in a humidity controlled environment or it could get a mildew under the micro fiber, and even a strong musty odor. It also depends on how long you are storing it and the amount of humidity in the storage space.

Self-Storage Frequently Ask Questions

What’s the difference between self storage and storage? 

Self storage means that you can access your storage space whenever because you put your own lock on it and keep the key. A place that is NOT self storage would be a storage facility that once you move in, you don’t have access to it because you will not be provided with a key. You will have to ask for assistance from the property manager whenever you want to enter the storage unit.

Will storing a leather couch in a self storage garage damage the leather?

Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause your sofa to split, shrivel, or otherwise damage it. Leather must “breathe”, so the option of covering it in a tarp is viable only if you can find one made of fabric, not plastic. If you do this, first treat the entire sofa with a spray-on leather conditioner (available where they sell leather jackets, purses, etc.). Check on it at least monthly, and clean with a leather cleaner as necessary. Most important, though, is to keep it from extreme temperature changes.

How do you find the right self storage provider?

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions when dealing with a company. First thing you need to ask is if they are permitted to operate legally. The next thing is their price (have a thorough conversation about this one), also ask them how they can manage to keep your valuables safe and also undamaged. Continue asking questions and see if you are satisfied with all of their answers. You can tell for your self if they are the company that best fits you needs.

Boat Storage Tips

Is it needed for a boat to be winterized, for winter storage, if it is on the inside and heated?

Yes. You’ll probably want to drain the fuel or run it with some Sta-bil in it,but you don’t need to anti-freeze the system if there’s no chance of freezing temps. Your owner’s manual may have some tips for extended storage/warm climates such as flush cooling system with clean water, the lubrication of parts, etc.

How do I keep moisture away from my boat while in storage?

Damp Rid-It works. Like the salt, only better. Most hardware stores/home centers sell it. It will need to be check/refilled a couple times over the winter, but it should do great for keeping the moisture down, as long as the boat is covered tight to keep as much moisture out as possible.

How do I prevent musty smells on a boat during Winter Storage?

Keep plenty of open boxes of baking soda all over the boat. Or they sell desiccate bags at most marines. It stops mildew and smells and also keep bugs and mice out. But you need to ventilate the boat before going into it because it may cause your eyes to burn. These can be hung from the steering wheel or other places…Read the Directions

Is it okay to leave my boat fuel tanks full of ethanol during five months of winter storage?

No ethanol absorbs water out of the atmosphere and will cause rust in your tanks.

How do I winterize my boat?

1. First, get winterizing kit from West Marine that includes a 5 gallon container with hose attachment, flush-out attachment for the lower unit, and a case of non-tox anti freeze. And then, get a can of engine fogging spray.

2. Warm up the engine by hooking up the flush out attachment to the lower unit and a garden hose, let it run with the water on for 5 minutes. Do not start it until the garden hose is turned on.

3. Hook up the 5 gallon container to the flush out attachment with the clear hose provided.

4. Fill the container with the anti-freeze and place it on the transom.

5. Put the flush out on the lower unit over the water intakes.

6. Open the valve on the 5 gallon container so the anti-freeze flows, it will drip a lot until you start the engine. get the flame arrestor of the engine and start it up. It will take in that 5 gallons quickly, so act fast.

7. Start shooting the fogging spray into the air intake after 1 gallon of anti-freeze is sucked in. Shoot the spray until the engine dies out if you can, or at least until it smokes a lot.

8. Very important that you do not let the engine run out of the non-tox anti-freeze. It will have enough in it, so when you see the anti-freeze running out of the exhaust and it does not look diluted, shut the engine down, when that point as been reached. And then spray the engine down with silicone spray to keep it from corroding.

Then you also have to winterize any system that has water in it: fresh water, head, salt water wash down, etc. You should also change the engine oil before you winterize the engine, and the lower unit oil. Don’t forget the engine and hull zincs. Put anti-freeze in the head, water system, and pump through all the faucets until you see the anti-freeze. Also, pump out the holding tank.

Storage Unit Frequently Ask Questions

Is it safe to store electronics in a storage unit that is not heated?

There should be no problem storing your electronics in a storage unit. The only concern would be moisture. If it is one of those garage door type units then moisture can get inside and damage the components when powered up again. If you have no choice. Try making them water proof as possible and when you remove them for use, leave them at room temperature for a few days. This should evaporate any of the trapped moisture.

Help with self storage units? Will my valuables be safe and not become damaged?

Your best bet is to go to a storage facility where there are cameras and some form of security. They also have climate control in all the units. Many of these containers that people put in front of their homes get broken into and at times the entire unit gets stolen. It is also illegal to have the unit in the street and all cities require a permit if its going to stay a length of time. The permit usually does not allow personal items but building materials only.

I plan on putting a regular size dining table, dresser, full size mattress, washer dryer, small dresser into storage. How big of a storage unit will I need?

Measure everything that needs to be stored and take the measurements to a self storage facility. An associate who works there will probably be able to recommend the correct size storage unit for you.

What is the best way to store furniture in a storage unit?

A suggestion would be to get everthing off of the ground. Storage units are notorious for ruining things because of leaks. The furniture plastic is a good idea. Also, there is a product called Damp Rid that works wonders. It will absorb the moisture in the area.Two to three of them would be efficient. Also, replace them every 4-5 weeks. And lay down some rodent repellent to keep out the insects, mice, and etc.

How should I go about keeping my couch looking nice in a storage unit?
Place each Cushion and pillow in plastic bags and get as much air out as possible. Tape them shut really well.(heavy duty tape) Buy a large roll of plastic (like the kind used for disposable drop cloths when painting) and wrap around the couch and tape it shut really well. Don’t put any heavy boxes or anything on the couch while in storage. If done is runs the risk of indentations or rips being left in the couch.

How to keep a storage unit smelling fresh?

Hanging a couple of Yankee Candle brand “car jars” in the storage space. They are hanging room fresheners shaped like their jar candles. They work very well and come in a variety of scents.

What is the best lock to use on a public storage unit?

Some storage units are offering a large round lock (Chateau is the name brand) and it is very heavy duty. The area of the lock that would normally be cut in a break-in is small and is a great deterrent.

Should I insure stuff I put in a storage unit?

Assuming the storage unit is a separate third party that will take custody of your goods for a specific period of time for a fee, you should ask them if your belongings are covered against loss to include natural disasters. They normally have policies in place and often sell you additional coverage if necessary.

When you receive the above information you should inventory those goods and provide the third party with a summary of the value of those goods. This process is called, “declared value”. At that point, the third party has the ability to contest the value of the goods and/or offer you limitations to their coverage. If they contest the goods when a claim is presented you will look much better as their adversity to paying a claim will appear retaliation. At any point, you can explore a policy to cover the uninsured values. It is certainty a concern to leave any goods unprotected however; it is a waste of money to over-protect.

RV Storage Rental Frequently Ask Questions

Are you allowed to store vehicles at storage rental places? That depends on the storage rental facility or company. Many have restrictions on what you can store, including explosive and flammable materials, which, presumably, would preclude storing a car because there is gasoline in the tank. But many of the storage companies have a compound as well, where you can store boats, trailers, RVs etc. The rates vary (naturally) depending on the size of the vehicles.

What must be done to keep an RV battery, which is in storage 10 months a year, in good condition?
The battery should be trickle charged, but it would be better to leave it in the RV and start the engine every two weeks and let it run for about three minutes. That way, the oil circulates through the engine and etc.

Can someone give me step by step instructions how to winterize a 35 ft. RV for winter storage?

1. Open any faucet and let the electric water pump drain all of the water. Including your hot water heater. Or drain it from the outside drain plug. Then empty the holding tank(s).

2. After that is done. Hook up a line from thefresh water intake pump to RV anti-freeze containers. These usually come in one gallon containers. And are a (usually) pink in color. ONLY use RV anti-freeze!

3. Most RV’s have an adapter that goes from the inlet pump to the one gallon containers. Just take a screwdriver-remove the existing inlet connection hose and replace it with the hose you will use to place in the anti-freeze.

4. If you do not have one-can just buy the same size hose at any hardware store. And when you open a faucet the pump will start to suck in the anti-freeze. Just as it usually does for fresh water.

5.  Close all your faucets. Then turn on the one in the shower. Pump in the anti-freeze until you see it running pink(or color of your anti-freeze)out of the shower head. And the bathroom faucets.

6.  Close them and proceed to do the same for your other areas that have faucets. Galley area and etc.

7. Pour in some anti-freeze directly into the toilet bowl. Flush it into your holding tank.

8.  Last, double check by opening your hot and cold faucets to confirm the anti-freeze flows from all.

9. When done – reconnect the original intake lineto your inlet pump.

When you want to use it again. Just hook up fresh water. Open all faucets until clear water flows. And remember to also refill your hot water heater.

Leave your refrigerator door open. Wipe it down good with a cleaner. Then, if it is going into storage, remove your batteries. Place them on a “trickle charger” for the duration.

Long Term Storage Frequently Ask Questions

Will long-term storage be harmful for my washer and dryer?
The only reason storage would cause any damage is if it had water or detergent somewhere in the ‘system’. These will cause degradation of the hoses or rust in the drum. I imagine that if you take steps to make sure is it completely water free, you should be fine.

Run the washer once or twice with just water to clean out any soap residue. Disconnect the hoses from the back of the washer. Open the door of the washer and allow it to completely dry before it gets packed away (a couple of days at least). If you can see or hear any water in the washer, try and get it out.

Clean the dryer, getting as much lint out of it as possible. You might also plan on replacing the washer hoses and dryer vent when you reinstall them, just to be sure.

How should I pack china & crystal for safe long-term storage?

Purchase a box of bubble-wrap and wrap china in this. (Don’t use newspaper as the newsprint can rub off onto the china and damage it). You can use the styrofoam padding or pellets for around the outer edges of the boxes, on the inside, for extra protection.

What should I do to prep an old car for long term storage?

1. Drain and flush the radiator, refill with new antifreeze.

2. Place a cover of some kind over the radiator overflow line, bugs will make a home there and plug the line.

3. Change the Engine Oil and filte

4. Lube all the grease fittings, the door, hood & trunk hinges.

5. Pour a couple of quarts of light weight engine oil into the gas tank.

6. Start engine and run it until you get lots of blue smoke out the exhaust. (This coats in inside of the Carb, intake manifold, cylinders and the exhaust with a light coat of oil to prevent corrosion.)

7. Top off the gas tank, add fuel stablizer. If the gas tank has a vent line, be sure to cover it.

8. Cover the ends of the exhaust to prevent critters from making a home in the exhaust.

9. Remove the aircleaner and cover the top of the carb with light plastic and then reinstall the aircleaner.

10. Remove the battery and store it away from the car.

11. Put a light coat of wax on the paint and chrome

12. Clean the interior of the car.

13. Put a couple bags of dessacant, a open box of baking soda and some mouse/rat poison in the car.
Leave the vents or windows open a little.

14. Use a rubber lubricant on the door and trunk seals.

15. Put the car on jack stands just high enough that the tires do not touch the ground. Make sure you release the hand or parking brake.

16. Cover the car with soft blankets or a car cover. Be sure the cover does not go all the way to the floor or
ground, it is important for air to circulate under the car.

If you are worried about theft, remove the rotor from the distributor and store it with the keys.
Place a copy of the storage checklist in the glove box to use when you remove the car from storage.

When you are ready to remove from storage;

Reinstall battery, remove the cover on the carb and radiator oveflow line, reinstall the rotor in the distributor. Now disconnect the coil wire, and with a fresh battery crank the engine over several times until the oil pressure indicates you have pressure, or if it has an idiot light until the light goes out.

Before you reinstall the air cleaner, spray starting fluid in the carb, reconnect the coil and start the engine. It may take a couple of tries to get it to run smooth, the neighbors will love you for all the oil smoke, but they will get over it.

How do I drain a washing machine of water for long term storage?

First you will need a bucket so that it can hold any water that may be in the hoses that are used to fill the washing machine. Then turn off the water to both of the hoses. Pull the washing machine away from the wall (be careful not to stretch the hoses). Get behind the washing machine and undo one of the hose connections. Once disconnected place it into the bucket and allow it to drain. Then continue to do the same to the remaining hose.

What is the best material to place under your car for long term storage? (Currently on a concrete floor)

The best thing to do for long term storage of a car is to place it on jack stands. You can purchase a set of 4 with a hydraulic jack for fairly cheap. That way, you won’t get flat spots on your tires.

What to use as car stands for long term vehicle storage?

Jack stands are usually the best option for stands. And the better the jack stand the safer it will be. But many also use bricks and they have the same affect as a jack stand. Both are great options to keep tires from rotting and becoming flat.

Vehicle Storage Frequently Ask Questions

Winter Storage For A Car?
You don’t need to start it.

To prepare for storage:
Wash and waxChange the oil and filterTest the anti freeze to make sure it is good to the coldest expected temperature.Fill the fuel tank full. A full fuel tank will prevent condensation inside the fuel tank. Put the correct amount of Stay-Bil fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank. Put this in the tank when you fill up. this way it will get well mixed with the fuel when you drive home and it will get in the fuel system.

When in its storage location.

Place on jack stands to take the weight off of the tires.Make sure the tires are correctly inflated.Disconnect the negative battery leadCover with a good quality car cover.

If rodents could are a problem in your storage location, you may need to take some preventive measures.
Put crumpled up aluminum foil in the engine air intake and the heater air intake. If you do this, leave a note on the
dash to remind you to remove this before you start it up in the spring.
Place several mouse or rat traps in the area. Check them regularly.

In the spring, wait for a couple of good hard rains to wash any remaining salt off of the road.

Check the air pressure in the tires.Remove any aluminum foil if you used it.Remove the jack standsConnect the battery

How long can a can be in storage before the tires go bad?

One of the hardest things on tires is sunlight. As long as the tires are out of the sunlight and stay inflated they should be fine. You could sit the car on blocks just high enough for the tires to clear.

If I am storing my vehicle for the winter time in a storage unit, is it suppose to have a fuel tank of gas in it, 1/2 filled, or empty tank?

Fill the tank and add gas stabilizer. Run for a while to disperse. An empty tank can rust from moisture and unstabilized fuel will break down and gum up the fuel system .

ATV during the winter, Does it matter if it’s in climate controlled storage?

Climate Controlled Storage isn’t needed for an ATV. But if you have any plans to take it out of storage during the winter it is highly recommended. Make sure to keep it covered/protected from and harsh weather elements.

ETA: Make sure to drain the fluids, too, when it’s being stored for long periods of time.

How often should I change the oil of a car while it’s in storage?

The thing that kills stored cars is condensation in the engine. That condensation is why you still need to change the oil once a year and take it for a drive every couple of months.

I have a 1997 Buick Skylark and I’m putting it into storage over the summer. Is there anything I should do to it?

Fill up the tank and add gasoline stabilizer and drive it 30-40 miles to get it all mixed in. Keep bugs and other pests out by cleaning it thoroughly, plug up your exhaust, and disconnect battery. Put it on jacks and do not lift it anywhere besides the suspension as that will place load on different parts of the car than were designed to take the load.

If a car was in storage for a year, what could be some of the possible problems/faults?

If you store a car for a large amount of time you need to treat the fuel in the fuel tank with some Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer, or your fuel will turn in to paint thinner. Your battery will go dead and your tires might go flat. And the coolant might dry up.

What do I do after leaving my car in Storage for 1 year?

It will need an oil change, coolant change and engine flush to remove any stagnant water. Brake cylinders may be stiff and seized so it could do with a strip down and cleaning. Also check to make sure the tires haven’t perished, especially if they have been flat, look for cracks in the side walls.

How do I prepare my motorcycle for winter storage?

Wash the bike thoroughly to remove any residue that might harm the finish.Wax bike.Pour the correct amount of gas stabilizer in the tank and fill the tank to the brim with fresh gas. Run the engine a few minutes to get the stabilizer in to the whole fuel system to prevent varnish.Change oil to remove any trace of moisture.Remove air filter, pull spark plug wires off and crank starter while spraying fogging oil into intake. That will coat cylinder walls and prevent rust.I recommend propping bike up so tires do not touch the ground.A cover is a good idea but even an old blanket will help.Keep a bunch of mothballs under it in a box to keep the mice away or they will chew up the wiring.

How to Get Your Motorcycle Out of Storage and Back on the Road in the spring?

Clean the fuel system and make sure no rust in the tank. Check all the fluids and make sure the battery is fully charged. Make sure the tires are in good shape too.You may want to change the oil just in case there was condensation.

Can I let my motorcycle license plate expire while I store it?

You can let it expire and turn in the plate. When you’re ready for you bike to come out of storage you can just start over with a brand new tag.

How do you take care of your motorcycle over the winter time while it is stored?

Change the oil and wash and wax the bike. Cleaning the bike will allow you closely look over the bike and remedy anything odd that you see. I would then put the bike up on stands if you have them, if not just move the bike forward every so often and lube the chain. Take the battery out and bring it inside (basement works) and hook it up to a battery tender. If you do not have a battery tender, it can just hook it up to a trickle charger every month or more times than not. And also cover the bike up.

My 1986 Jaguar XJ-6 Vanden Plas was in storage four years. How do I take it out of storage?

Drain the gas and change all fluids. Replace spark plugs, check spark plug wires, check all hoses, coolant and vacuum for die rot, cracks, and serviceability. Get a brand new battery. Pull out the spark plugs and squirt a couple drops of oil into the firing chambers, pull the fuse for the coil & fuel pump and with your new battery turn over the engine a couple times, expect the loud poping noise coming from the firing chamders. Then put the plugs back in, the fuse back in and try and start it. If it does not start check the for spark & fuel. You want to change the fluids because depending on where you live the constant change in weather may have caused mositure to form.

What can happen if you let a car sit in storage?

Though 6 to 8 months isn’t enough time to cause any permanent damage. Gasoline left sitting this long will turn into “varnish” and gum up your fuel system. Worst case it’ll probably need a tune up and new tires.

How often should I start my car while it is in storage?

As often as you can and also, you will need to get all the fluids going, so press on the brakes, put it in drive and hold the brakes, etc. If it’s standard, well, at least press the clutch in a couple of times to get the clutch cylinder lubed up properly. And of course, drive it a little if that is possible.

What happens to a car in garage after months?

this will do very harmful damage do your engine. read the following

Prepping The Vehicle

The cleaner the vehicle the better, and that goes beyond wash, wax and shine. Pick a warm, dry day to do the cleaning. Fill the gas tank, then add an adequate amount of gasoline stabilizer (also made for lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc.) to prevent gum and varnish formation. Drive the car long enough to really warm up the engine and mix the stabilizer with the fuel–at least 30 to 40 miles. Remove dirt from the underbody, particularly from the wheel wells. Dirt holds moisture, and the combination of moisture and air causes iron and steel to rust.

Really, really clean the interior and trunk of the vehicle with a household vacuum cleaner, using those little attachments that reach into nooks and crannies.

If the floor is concrete, park the car over plastic sheeting and if possible jack the car up 3-6 inches off the ground and set it on blocks. Keeps tires from rotting and getting “flat-spotting” A must for 6months +

Remove the spark plugs and spray some oil into the cylinders to prevent rust and corrosion. You can use conventional engine oil with a spray-type squirt can or aerosol fogging oil designed for boat storage. Turn the crankshaft (with a socket and ratchet wrench on the crank pulley bolt) about four to six times to circulate the oil. Reinstall the spark plugs and reconnect the plug wires.

Empty a large container of mothballs on the floor all around and under the vehicle to discourage critters. DO NOT PUT THEM INSIDE THE CAR!!!!!!!!

Prop the wiper arms off the window with rags if they won’t just flip open.

Remove the battery and keep it clear of damp concrete, hook it up to a float charger.

A 30-mile drive every 90 days, with brakes, transmission, steering and air conditioning all operating, is what the car really needs. If you fail to do this, the car might not operate the same.

Car Storage Units Tacoma | Considerations Before Hiring a Vehicle Storehouse unit

 There are people who have more cars than they can store inside their garage. A luxury car which is seldom used on a daily basis when stored inside a garage occupies unnecessary space which otherwise can be used to accommodate another car or some other household goods. The best way to store such cars is to hire Antioch car storage units. Storing the car inside a warehouse unit would not only free the garage space but the owner would also be saved from regular maintenance and cleaning jobs.

There are a large number of vehicle storehouse facilities around each and every location. There are mainly two types of vehicle warehouses – interior garage unit and outdoor covered space. The interior garage unit is more desirable as it is the safest option; however, it is quite high on the costs.

If someone wants to have an affordable vehicle storehouse option, then he or she can hire an outdoor covered space. Though low on security, these types of outdoor units suffice the vehicle storing needs of many people. Depending upon individual budget as well as security requirements, one can choose the appropriate Antioch car storage unit. Before hiring a storehouse unit to store the car, it is important to check some other details. The vehicle storehouse unit you choose should be able to suit your individual storage requirements.

Here are some considerations before hiring a vehicle storehouse unit:

  • Choose a storehouse facility that charges on a monthly basis. This way you would not have to make big yearly or quarterly rental payments. However, if you are planning to store your car inside the Antioch storage unit for a longer period of time then you can avail some attractive discount options by paying quarterly or yearly charges.
  •  If the vehicle stored inside the unit is going to be accessed quite often, then it is advisable to hire a storehouse unit that is nearer to the facility’s main entrance. This way, you would save a lot of time in driving in and out of the warehouse facility.
  •  Another important consideration is the size of the Antioch car storage unit. To accommodate cars of all sizes and makes, storehouse facility offers different sizes -tall, wide, and so on. You can choose the storehouse unit depending upon the size of your car.
  •  There are several storehouse facilities that offer free maintenance and regular washing of your car. This would be great for a car that is going to be stored for a longer duration of time inside the unit.

Before storing your car inside a storehouse unit, it is very important to check for its registration and insurance papers. Without these documents, no storehouse facility would offer its services. You cannot dump your old vehicles inside a storehouse facility. For storing the car inside the storehouse unit, the prime condition is that it should be in a drivable condition and all its tires should be good shape and properly inflated.

So, now you have all the relevant information about Antioch car storage. What are you waiting for then? Go and hire the unit to keep your car in tiptop condition.

Car Storage Options

There are many reasons that you may want to store your car. Perhaps you have too many vehicles in your driveway and you need to free up space. Maybe you have a collector’s car and you do not want it exposed to the elements day after day. Whatever the reason is that you want to store your car, there are a few things that you should know before you do so.

It is important to note that there are different levels of car storage and each level will of course come with a different price tag. Here are some things to know about storing your car:

  • Outside storage: If you have an extra car in your driveway that you do not drive all that often and you want to make space in your driveway, then an outside car storage spot is for you. An outside car storage spot is exactly what it sounds like. It is usually nothing more than parking space sized and many times there is even a parking space block to show you exactly where you will park your car. The pros here are a very affordable cost. The cons are of course that the car is exposed to the everyday elements such as wind, rain, sun, etc. If this is the route you decide to take, you should consider buying a car cover as this will help to better protect your vehicle.
  •  Inside storage, non-climate controlled: An inside car storage unit that is non-climate controlled is usually a space that the car is driven into and then there is usually a garage style door that closes giving the car garage style storage. Your unit can then be locked and your car will not only be protected from the wind, rain, and sun, but also from break-ins. The only drawback to this type of storage is that it can get quite hot inside a unit that is not climate controlled. Because this type of car storage totally covers the car, it will cost more money that the outside storage unit.
  • Inside storage unit, climate controlled: Just like its non-climate controlled counterpart the car is totally covered in this type of car storage unit. The difference is that the unit is air-conditioned so that the temperature usually stays at a nice cool level. This type of car storage is usually use by those that have a collector’s car and do not want anything to happen to the vehicle including heat damage. This is obviously the most expensive type of car storage there is.

As a side not, you should always be sure to perform regular maintenance to your stored car even if you do not use it often. For example, regular oil changes at the interval of three to five months no matter how many miles are put on the car will help it run its best no matter how often it is run.

Storing your car can be a great alternative to clogging up your driveway or garage, but you should know what level of storage you require before you begin to look around. Always make sure to call several storage unit facilities and try to obtain the best possible price for your car storage needs.

There is a growing demand for the self-storage units due to the convenience they offer. Self-storage units are nothing but a kind of warehouse but smaller in size. The traditional warehouse was being used only for business purposes and so they were very strict on terms and conditions. But now you get them for domestic use as well. There are various kinds of them like furniture storage, boat or RV storage, and car storage. The main reason that people hire such self-storage units is the lack of space. Getting a safe parking space for your car can be a challenging task. Car storage unit will relieve you off this worry. They are safe and provide 24 hour security and ensure complete protection.

The self-storage industry provides various facilities to cater to the needs of the people. In case of lack of space in your house, you could hire a furniture storage unit to store the unwanted furniture for later use. This will help you get more space in your house and will not give you a cramped look as well. The main advantage of the unit is the cost-effectiveness. It’s very easy to hire it and it does not involve big documentation or lengthy procedures.

Flexibility provided by the self-storage units is amazing. You could get different sizes of units depending on your individual requirement. This industry is flourishing due to its customer-friendly attitude and better services. You could get these units on a permanent basis or for a temporary period. If you are planning to go on a vacation, you may need to properly secure your belongings. They also have climate-controlled storage units to take care of your precious items that could be damaged due to weather changes. Items like paintings and art and craft works can be properly secured in the units while you enjoy your vacation without any tension.

The self-storage unit providers have 24 hour security system and ensure that all your belongings are in safe hands. There are certain operators who also provide high-end security systems with CCTVs and theft alarms. Such alarms are connected to the police station ensuring that in case of tampering, an alarm sets off alerting the nearest police station. You can access your things at any time of the day or night as these services are available 24/7. You get complete freedom to make use of the space you have taken on rent for that time period.

Some providers offer insurance cover for your belongings. This is included as a part of package and thereby safeguards your belongings from unforeseen events. In case of any accident, you can be assured of protection against the loss through these insurance cover.




Affordable Storage Units in Tacoma

There are many reasons why you might decided to use self storage, from looking to create more space for living to temporarily having no home at all while shifting. Here are some of the main reasons why you might choice to use self storage.

Selling a home:

When selling your property its sometimes best to remove some of the clutter and excess belongings around the home to make your home look more presentable. This will help create the illustration that there is more living space and create a favourable impression on your potential buyer. Self storage is great in this situation as you can temporarily store your excess items until your house has sold. Real estate agents will often suggest you de-clutter your home in order to create more interested buyers and a higher selling price and using mobile storage is a great way to do that.

This means a mobile self storage company can temporarily store unnecessary ornamental, old lounges and furniture that are not needed for day to day living. Some self storage facilities offer a free no obligation quote at your home to accurately assess the storage space you will need and can even provide a removal solution. Other (mobile storage companies) will pick up the items from your home and store them for you then deliver them when needed to your new home.

People who collect everything:

If your the type of person who holds on to things for sentimental reasons or because you may need an item sometime in the future self storage is a great option. Traditionally we were taught to hang onto everything by our parents and grand parents as they lived in times when things were tough and resources were scarce. Today however, with the rapid turnover of technology and electronic devices many of this items accumulate in the home unnecessarily. Many people use self storage to store these extra items so they can could to collect items without the hassles at home.

Building a new home or renovating:

Most people when they decided to build will move in with the in laws and have to store their stuff somewhere. When it may not be the best item to store your stuff on your in laws lawn so self storage is your best bet. This is a very common reason for using self storage and because self storage is month by month you can remove the items when you need them again. With mobile storage it may even be possible to store your items on your property with special arrangements with the mobile storage company.


Unfortunately divorces are becoming increasingly common in our society. Often couples will have to split up their items or one person will have to leave the home and temporarily store their items somewhere. This may even include a car, a boat, tools and household items. Self storage facilities are used to these circumstances and will use discretion and privacy in regards to your situation.


You might be deciding to travel for work or pleasure for an extended period. Self storage is the easiest way to keep your stuff stored securely while you are away. If you are renting or sub letting your home, people often feel more comfortable storing their valued belongings in a secure facility than in their home when they are away. self storage facility. A mobile storage company will pick up your belongings from your home and deliver them to the self storage facility.

Deceased Estate:

Sadly family members pass away and when the death of a loved one occurs you often will have to deal with the affairs of the estate. Self storage facility managers will be understanding and compassionate to help understand your situation while you deal with the estate and the belongings.

Moving back home:

Maybe its time you need to downsize your home or maybe the one of the kids wants to move back home again. Where is your son or daughter going to put all their furniture or other possession, well if you don’t want them shoved all over the house or in the garage then self storage is a great alternative. This is a great option is your kids may move in or out more than once and you can use mobile storage to easily have their stuff store and delivered when needed without the hassle of rearranging your home.


For people in apartments and shared housing self storage can become part of life. With limited space self storage because like your own personal shed. For those will hobbies from model trains through to boating, a self storage facility may be the best place to store your favourite hobby equipment. Since self storage facilities give you 24 hour access you’ll be able to be there whenever you wish.

So there are some of the reasons why you may be considering using self storage. Self storage companies usually give you a minimum contract time of a month, other than that you are free to have access to or remove your good whenever you want, there are no lengthy contracts like a lease or rental and your goods and stored safely and securely.

Benefits of Self Storage For Businesses

There are many reasons home owners and business owners make use of self storage facilities. Self storage offers numerous benefits and in this article, I will talk about some of the main benefits of using self storage facilities.

Benefits Of Self Storage For Home Owners

Hoarding – when we have the desire to hold on to things, we want to create some space for those things so we can use them later on in our lives. Many people have this fear of throwing things which they think may be useful for them in the future. There are numerous examples of people in the self storage industry of renting a storage space which they can use to collect items which they cannot store in their homes anymore. In most families, hoarding can cause a real problem because it creates an actual reduction in the living space. When we make use of self storage facilities, we can clear that space in our homes and at the same time retain those items.

Reduce Clutter – whether it is home or office, storage space can help reduce clutter and free up the much needed space.

Security – there is more security offered by self storage facilities than we can find in homes. Apart from a simple lock, there are security fences, gated entry, surveillance cameras, exterior lighting, limited after hours entry and security guards. If you have valuable items in the house which you are going to use later on, it is best to put them in self storage facilities.

Safety – the safety of your family is important and for this reason, it is not a good idea to have tools and other renovation related equipments in the home. This is especially true if there are small children in the house. If you have tools such as drills, saws, ladders and other power tools lying around, consider keeping them in a storage facility. This will reduce risks of accidents and injuries.

Space For Large Items – most people like the idea of owning ski boats, vintage cars, canoes, etc. If you do not have enough room for these items or if you are looking to provide protection against the weather conditions, then renting a self storage unit can be the best choice for you.

A self storage facility which is professionally run will allow you free access to your belongings at any time. They will provide you a code to enter the facility gates and your own key to the storage unit you have rented. Home owners often use these self storage facilities for peace of mind that their valuable or sentimental belongings are stored securely and safely. In a storage facility, you will find a secure environment which is clean and dry. The storage facility will be protected with various security systems ranging from 24-hour guard protection to CCTV security.

Benefits of Self Storage For Businesses

Before looking at the benefits, let us check out some of the main business uses for self storage. These include:

– product and sample storage
– archive storage
– home office storage
– office relocation furniture and stock storage
– emergency storage such as in case of storm, flooding, smoke damage and fire
– seasonal stock storage such as Christmas stock during the festive season
– business stock overflow storage

Self storage gives businesses increased flexibility. Whether it is a small business or a large business, they all need some kind of storage. There are many reasons for this which range from creating a mini warehouse to take care of trade supplies to creating a distribution point for a sales team.
Some of the main reasons why businesses need self storage include:

Making the most of office space

Office spaces are quite costly these days and when you pay so much money on office space rental, you must ensure that the space is being used to achieve maximum benefit. Offices which are filled up with less frequently used paperwork, excessive equipment, and unused furniture items or archive files can make work difficult. Moreover, a survey has revealed that an average company may end up paying about 1,200 a year to maintain space that is occupied by a medium sized filing cabinet. When you compare this amount with cost of renting a self storage unit to store that unnecessary or rarely used filing cabinet, you will see that you can save close to 600 on just one filing cabinet. Today most companies have recognised the benefits of storing paperwork, rarely used furniture and equipment offsite by making use of self storage facilities.

Easy expansion

Are you looking to relocate just because you think that the current office space is not adequate to meet your needs? If so, why not consider freeing up some space by removing those unnecessary file cabinets, unused equipments and loads of paperwork which are rarely referenced. If you make use of self storage facilities to store these rarely used items, there will be no need for an expensive relocation. Instead you will be able to free up the much needed space that will provide for easy expansion.

Costs benefits

– rental is paid on a month to month basis which means that no yearly lease is required
– when compared to the cost of office space, self storage rental rate is competitive
– businesses also get assistance when they need to move their items for free
– to make the best use of the storage unit, shelving can also be made available
– you can also receive discounts
– it is better to use office space to generate income rather than use it for storage


– keeping valuable documents offsite protects against natural environmental damages such as fire
– only you have access to your individual space
– you get 24 hour security for your valuable items


– Trolleys and pallet jacks making it easy to move your items
– It is easy to receive pallet deliveries
– You can access your items 7 days a week
– Packaging materials are available on site


– provides a flexible storage option for businesses which are stock based
– flexible in terms of space as well as facilities
– there are a number of self storage facilities which require just a day or 7 days notice to reduce or expand your storage space depending on your requirement
– flexible rentals
– no long term lease
– flexible facilities such as bulk storage, forklifts, loading bays, drive up units, etc
– short term commitment

However, before you choose a self storage facility, consider the following eight essential questions.

1. What security measures are in place?
2. Does the facility offer 24/7 access?
3. Are there different sized units available?
4. If the self storage facility close to my home?
5. Can shippers drop off or pick up shipments?
6. Are there any kinds of discounts available?
7. Is the management professional and the facility clean?
8. Are there any hidden costs apart from the monthly rental?

Are you considering self storage? Visit our website and we will help you find the perfect Leeds self storage unit for all your storage needs.

Things to Consider Before Renting Self Storage

1. Stick to your budget. Before deciding to rent a Denver self storage unit, ask the manager how often they raise their rates, so you can factor that into your budget. If the price sounds reasonable ask the manager to put the numbers in writing.

2. Rents due. Ask the manager when the rent is due and what your options are for paying the rent. Some self storage facilities have an online payment option or will allow you to prepare months in advance. Find a schedule that works best for you and stick to it.

3. Self storage facilities don’t cause storms. If you are storing your items in a Denver self storage facility and you’re local to the facility, visit the storage facility after a rain storm. Storage facilities are not responsible for water damage, so by taking some time out of your day to checking in on your belongings after a big storm could save you a lot of money in the end.

4. Access. How often will your access your self storage facility. This will help you determine what size of self storage unit you will want to rent. If you plan on accessing your self storage unit often then you may want to rent a unit one size larger than recommended by the manager. When you access your facility you’ll want some extra room so you can move around freely without harming any of your belongings. If you won’t be frequenting your self storage unit, then you can rest assure that the unit size recommended by the manager will be the right size for your belongings. You may even want to rent a self storage unit one size smaller if you know how to safely pack and arrange the storage unit. Remember to place the items you think you’ll want to retrieve quickly near the front of the self storage unit. You may not have room to move around your storage unit but you will save some extra money month to month by renting a smaller unit.

5. Hidden fees. Some self storage facilities charge a deposit, which will be refunded once you’ve moved out, granted that you left the self storage facility intact, the way you found it. Before signing your lease ask the self storage facility manager about the cost of the deposit, if there is one, and if there are any additional hidden fees that will be tacked onto your bill in addition to your rental fee.

6. Need a moving truck. If you don’t have access to a moving truck you may want to ask the Denver storage manager if they offer rental trucks or if there is anyone they recommendation. If the self storage facility is the one renting you the truck you may want to ask if there are any perks to renting a truck from them or if there are any fees they can wave for being a self storage customer.

7. Insurance. Insure the items that you are storing, check to see if your home owner’s or renter’s insurance policies cover you when your storage your items in self storage, if not most Denver self storage facilities offer storage insurance when you sign your rental agreement.

8. Pack smart. When packing your self storage unit, place your valuable items in the back of the unit.

9. Lock down. Ask the self storage facility manager about security features that the self storage facility provides for their customers. Then go out and buy yourself a lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters, if you need some advice of where to find one or which one to purchase you can always ask the manager.

10. Look for yourself. Visit the  self storage facility and take a tour to check out the condition of the storage units and the security, make sure you feel secure in leaving your belongings in the self storage unit. Ask the self storage facility manager if they live on-site, so they can keep an eye on your belongings 24/7.

Stress free Personal Self-storage Rental Services in Tacoma WA

Increasing your belongings and reducing the space may lead to a problematic situation. One of the best solutions is to store the belongings in a storage unit.
Whether you are relocating, downsizing, or cleaning up a place, storage units are always a great help. The market today is full of different types of storage spaces that cater to the needs of a diverse clientele. College students rent them to store their belongings between the semesters, and home owners take respite in a storage space because of downsizing or relocating to a new area.

The market has ample supply of different types of units; thus, selecting one is not “a piece of cake”. You will need to decide if the storage unit is for business or office use or for personal purpose.

There are various advantages associated with renting an outdoor storing space. However, at the same time, individuals should keep in their minds that proper planning is required before receiving these benefits. In most cases, storage service providers do not charge a high fee. But while taking these things into consideration, it’s important that you don’t waste any more during this process.

Here are some tips on what to look when finding good self-storage company.

• Location: Hiring a nearby storage unit facility is a good idea as you can have an ease of assessing your belongings.

• Review: Get attentive when you examine policies and services, hours of service, whether they provide insurance, their mode of payment and how do they bill, and type of security offered.

• Space: There are different sizes of storage spaces are offered to accommodate the belongings. It is vital to ask the company to provide you the relevant space for possessions.

• Climate Control: There are some items like furniture, woolen clothes, antiques etc. that can be safe only in the climate controlled units. Not all companies necessarily have climate controlled units to offer.

• Contract: After focusing on a particular company, go through their contract carefully. Since you are buying a service from them, hence you must ensure that amenity is best in your interests. After signing the contract, leave only when you have information, keys and codes of your unit.

• Packing your Unit: One should avoid accommodating everything haphazardly in the truck rentals. Packing systematically will prevent the belongings from being crushed. This will also favor stress free move and relocation.

• Space Usage: Another benefit of packing the belongings is well-optimizing the available space. Besides, shelved unit will maximize the usage of the unit.

• Locking up: Ascertaining of proper locking of unit will save you from any losses. In case, you are locking the unit with your own lock, make sure it is lubricated.

• Smart Loading: In case, if the belonging is heavy to move, hire a dolly. Else you can practice to bring in use the handcart to load and unload in the personal storage space. Aiding some equipment can safeguard the belongings as well as the handler. Stress free move becomes complete when one is able to find a good storage company. Apart from devoting time to get associated with a reputable company, it is also required by your to properly accommodate all your belongings in the provided space.

Before renting a self-storage space, the client ought to be clear on their set of requirements. This planning will take some time, but will help immensely in selecting the right storage unit for safely storing the items.

Midland RV and Boat Storage provides storage units and facilities in affordable prices in Tacoma Washington.